New Haven beats New York

New Haven beats New York


So much to offer. Food. Village towns. Seafaring history. The Merritt Parkway in the Fall. Fabled stories of The Whalers. The list goes on.

One of the great things about our state, is its proximity to both not New York, but Boston, too!

Being in the middle of these two quintessential American cities, Nutmeggers are faced with a curious set of questions.

Yankees, or Red Socks? Giants, or Patriots? Tri-State Area, or Greater New England? You get the idea.

We may never conclusively agree on those topics.

One thing is clear, however. While New York may lay claim to many things, New Haven pizza reigns supreme. Long gone are the days of $1 a slice pizza in the Big Apple, what some may call mediocre excuse of little more than flabby dough and salted preservatives, that leave behind a faint aftertaste with a semblance of sadness.

New Haven offers a better experience; with bustling small "mom and pop" style pizza shoppes that rear great heated debate among locals, with a taletime question being posed of: Sally's vs Pepes? No matter your preference, there is a cozy place for you with better ingredients and a higher level of quality for your in-and-out pizza when out with drinks with friends.

One can never go wrong in New Haven, with its great nightlife, bar scene, and Yale University.